Special Thanks

First, I thank God, the source of my power and strength, who supports me through all times, good or bad. To all my family, may they always be with me no matter what. Thanks to my daughter Raianne Gracie dos Santos and my son Victor Hugo Battaglion dos Santos, my inspiration to keep moving forward. To the greatest Gracie, Carlson Gracie, my teacher forever, who taught me everything that I know, you are always in front of all the teachers around the world. I have never seen a vision like yours.

The following are all the people who have helped me in this journey. Forgive me if I forget some names. First thanks to my students in Brazil, California, Chicago, and Orlando. Many Thanks to my friend and brothers Robert Woods, Amir Jalali, Tony Gonzales (Tight end for the Atlanta Falcons #88), and his brother Chris Gonzales. Thanks to Sgt. Byron Woods and all of the members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. To Eliott Zeke from Chicago, to Lance Williams, Brandon Tabacyznski (Orlando Police Dept.), to Pedro Perez (Correctional Officer), Big Mike (President, Richmond Hells angels), Hawaiian John (Oakland Hells Angels), Ray Ray (Sonoma Hells Angels), Big Sean (Richmond Hells Angels), Little Mike and Kid Peligro.

Thanks to my sponsors John Delphey, Ed Soares (Sinister Clothing), Gilson (Vittorio's), Silton (Pao Gostoso), Lazaro Santos (Brazil Pelourinho Capoeira Academy), and Gilberto Villela (Jiu-Jitsu ProGear).

Special thanks to my Muay Thai teacher Joel Garcia, my physical trainers Julien Williams and Denny Lamoureux. To all my brothers from the Carlson Gracie team, special thanks for Rodrigo Medeiros (San Diego Carlson Gracie Team), Fabio Novaes (Lakeland Carlson Gracie Team), and Marcelo Fox (Gracie Barra Orlando).

Special recognition for my marketing team Thiago Ramos and Kapono Curry, creators of this beautiful website. To my young brother Gordon “KFC” Dowell. A very special thanks for my late mother Consolacao de Jesus Ribeiro dos Santos, who guides me from heaven to pursue my dream.

To everyone who dreams to be a fighter, always remember the four D's of Dedication, Determination, Discipline, and Desire. You will find these at the bottom of your heart when there is nothing else left. Do not stop believing and make it happen!